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April 2010 - 5 Gallon Low Profile Tanks

5 Gallon Low Profile Tanks
Through our market studies and your feedback indicating demand, we've created a "low-profile" tank we are very excited to release.

Our NEW Low-Profile Tanks have a 5 gallon capacity and are compatible with fluids such as fuel, oil, coolant, washer fluid, and many others. The addition of these tanks not only expands our multi-purpose tank line, but are also CARB approved for low permeation fuel applications (CARB Executive Orders C-U-07-012 for black and C-U-07-014 for natural).

Additional Features of these tanks include:
• Black and Natural colors available in durable HDPE material
• Two neck locations with standard 2.25" (5.72 cm) buttress thread for use with our caps
or others with same specification
• Tank is designed for strap mounting
• Integral feet on three sides of tank for secure mounting
• Standard pads for fitting and component locations and ability to assemble in custom locations
• New fluid pick-up tubes with and without filter available
• Base tank tested to ANSI/OPEI B71.10.2008

Overall dimensions are 18.75" L x 11" W + 3.80" Neck x 6.85" H
(47.63 cm L x 27.94 cm W + 9.65 cm Neck x 17.40 cm W).

To see the styles of the new Low-Profile Multi-Purpose tanks and information on available components, please CLICK HERE.

To see the styles of the new Low-Profile CARB tanks and information on available components, please CLICK HERE.

Other exciting features/additions are coming soon:
• 8 gallon fluid capacity through additional part length
• Additional neck locations
• PP material for higher heat applications

Please call us Toll Free: 1-866-836-0198 or e-mail us at fluids@flambeau.com and we will be glad to discuss this new product and provide further information.

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