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Flambeau Fluid Systems Joins
The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI)

Flambeau Fluids has recently become a member of the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute. OPEI is the international trade association that represents the manufacturers and suppliers of small engine and utility vehicles as well as consumer and commercial outdoor power equipment. This includes lawn mowers, garden tractors, utility vehicles, trimmers, chain saws, snow throwers, tillers, leaf blowers and other related products.

OPEI provides beneficial industry information such as economic interests, accurate and timely worldwide industry news, legislative and regulatory affairs, and the impact of political, economic, sociological, and technical challenges and how it applies. It is also the exchange of ideas and new information that has yet to be introduced to the marketplace.

The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute holds many meetings at various locations to network among the group members, discuss current events, as well as vote on agendas. At these meetings they share the most up to date and accurate reporting information. Dan Hilfiker, Paul Reger, and Brenda Bentilla will be attending some of these meetings in order for the Fluids Division to stay abreast of the most current industry news and regulatory changes. By attending these meetings we will also be able to vote and possibly influence the industry standards and changes going forward.

Becoming a member of OPEI will greatly benefit Flambeau Fluids. One of our goals going forward is to evolve as a market leader with regards to differentiation by introducing new innovative products into the industries that we supply to, as well as new markets. Having this membership will put us at the forefront of all industry information, whether it be current affairs, or where the market, economy, legal, and regulatory affairs are heading in the future. This will allow us to be proactive rather than reactive when brainstorming, conducting R&D, and producing new products. Another great benefit is networking. Many of our customers are also members of OPEI, which include the decision makers for their company and the people that are most important in helping Flambeau Fluids in the door with our new and current product offerings. Building strong relationships with our customers is a key element in a lot of our R&D moving forward.

Overall, OPEI will help Flambeau Fluid Systems get where we want to go, and help us with our strategic marketing plan to meet our company objectives as a whole.


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