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GIE+EXPO 2011 Summary

Flambeau Fluid Systems exhibited at the GIE+EXPO in Louisville, Kentucky in October. This show proved once again to be a big hit for Fluids. Not only was this show full of our current customers, it was also full of great potential customers that crowded around our booth to learn more about Flambeau Fluids and our offerings. While engaging new prospects, we also established and built up our relationships with our current customers. We received numerous visits from our current customers who were very happy with our products, and were wondering what else we could offer to them and their applications. GIE+Expo Booth
Flambeau's booth location was on an end corner, which was the perfect place to setup our tank water display. People who walked by couldn't help but take a look at what we had going on in our booth. We also had some samples of our graphic tanks and caps. These were definitely one of the big hits at the show. Everyone who looked at them were amazed how the process was done. Along with the graphic tanks, our EPA/CARB tanks were also great at drawing people to our booth. We had various sizes of tanks, along with the components that go with them such as the carbon canisters, tank straps, fuel line, and our new caps.
Flambeau Fluids also displayed the EPA/CARB caps in the new product arena at the show. Along with this display, Dan and Brenda had a press conference about how these new caps work, what sets them apart from all other caps, and the EAP/CARB regulations. Different types of media/magazine publications were at the press conference asking questions about our product. This was a great opportunity for Flambeau Fluids to get their foot in the door with different publications. We are hoping to gain more publicity with our products in the near future. GIE+Expo Booth
Overall, this is an outstanding show, and Flambeau Fluids continues to build strong relationships with our current customers along with establishing new relationships with potential leads. The atmosphere at this show was very professional but also laid back at the same time. Everyone came to the show with the eagerness to learn about new products and processes. Flambeau Fluids definitely made themselves known amongst the crowd. We are looking forward to GIE 2012 next year!
GIE+Expo Booth GIE+Expo Booth
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