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Flambeau Fluid Systems™ Warns Companies about New
Fuel Tank CARB and EPA Regulations

Based on recent customer feedback, many companies are not in compliance with
CARB and EPA regulations that now include more non-road engines. In order to avoid
large fines, Flambeau Fluid Systems is warning everyone about these regulations and
the strong chance that they will only get stronger in the future.

Flambeau Fluid Systems, a leading plastics manufacturer of fuel tanks, caps and components, is warning companies about the newest CARB (California Air Resource Board) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations that include more non-road engines. The strict EPA regulations limit the number of particles that can legally be released into the atmosphere from engine/fuel systems, and the CARB regulations are even more stringent further restricting the amount of emissions in the atmosphere in the state of California. As of right now California is the only state that requires CARB Compliancy. Anyone selling gas powered equipment into the state of California must comply with CARB regulations. Selling gas powered equipment and off road vehicles in the rest of the U.S must meet the EPA regulations.

There are many lengthy and costly testing procedures that need to be done to obtain certifications to be CARB/EPA compliant. Flambeau makes it easy for their customers by already obtaining these certifications, which allow them to manufacture and sell these compliant products. Please note that CARB and EPA registration of the products will still be necessary. Flambeau Fluids has done extensive research and testing and put the investment in these products so that their customers do not have to. Companies who do not abide by these new regulations are putting themselves at risk for numerous government fines.

Flambeau currently offers 1, 2, 2.5, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 gallon fuel tanks that meet the CARB/EPA Compliancy. Along with their tanks Flambeau offer's EPA and CARB Certified 2.25 & 3.5" fuel caps and many CARB/EPA approved components, which allow for customization based on their customer's application. Flambeau also offers completely custom CARB/EPA compliant tanks from handheld up to 30 gallons.

To View our CARB/EPA Section, please CLICK HERE.

For more information please contact Flambeau Fluid Systems toll free at 866-836-0198 or via e-mail at fluids@flambeau.com.
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